Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Seven safety tips for senior drivers

1. Avoid Nighttime Driving

As people turn 35 years or old, their eye sight begins to age. During night time the road will be dark and the glare from other headlights make it hard to concentrate on driving.

If there is a situation that makes you travel during night time, travel with an alert passenger to help you scan for driving hazards.

2. Go for a Driver Course

A mature driver's course is focused toward seniors and generally covers topics like pedestrians, yielding, four-way stops, and lane changes.

3. Avoid Heavy Traffic

Lack of Patience, restlessness and frustration increases the risk of accident in heavy traffic.

Avoid Heavy Traffic
Avoid Heavy Traffic

Signals should be used in advance and preparing early for exits makes you stay safe during heavy traffic. Learning alternate routes also will help you to get away from heavy traffic.

4. Warm up your body before sitting in the driver's seat

A warm up before driving makes your mind and body get free from the stress while driving. Casual body warm up includes stretching your neck, upper body, shoulders, rotating your torso and pressing your shoulder backwards. Gentle stretch will
¤ Improve your action range

¤ Fight off fatigue

¤ Reduce tension

5. Prepare to Share the Road

Sharing the road is a key factor to get rid of accidents. While driving focus on the people running, walking dogs, skateboarders on the road and should be ready to share the road with them.

6. Selecting an Instrument panel

While selecting an Instrument panel don’t look for the attraction and fancy features which may even distract you when you are driving.

Select an instrument model that is easy for you to read. Check our 6 superlative cars for senior drivers to get more ideas in selecting an instrument panel.

7. Do not get distracted while driving

Distracted driving is any non-driving activity. A person who engages in that has the potential to distract him or herself from driving and increases the risk of crashing.

Distractions while driving
Distractions while driving

Texting is the most dangerous distraction of all. Here are some Ten tips for controlling distraction

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Cheap and best mode of transportation offers by deluxe bus services

The best mode of transportation to enjoy all adventures in your journey is deluxe bus services. For some people the only way to make your journey happy is by traveling in bus. Suppose if you’re traveling to New York from Washington, DC, the only cheapest choice is most likely the DC TO NY BUS. The bus transport is very comfortable and the big windows permit you to see your surroundings. Buses are air conditioned and have bathroom facilities. They also provide food and beverages for their traveling passengers.
As the technology improves the deluxe bus service also supplies power outlet to charge your mobile, laptops and also it offers Wi-Fi connections with respect to passenger convenience. Deluxe bus also offers special reward points for their frequent travelers and passengers will also get free seats to travel their journey depending on the no of times they travel in a particular bus. Suppose if passenger traveled 8 times in same bus then they will get 8 points and deluxe bus offers special free seat in order to honor their frequent traveler.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Save your time and money by booking your ticket in online

People who ready to go for journey will give most preference to travel in bus and nowadays, they also started booking a ticket through online and cyberspace for saving their time and money. Booking a ticket through online or cyberspace will take more than a few seconds. In this fast moving world, online booking is good technique which will be like by every passenger. Online bus tickets can be booked through the internet and you can do at any time of day. The website is open for maximum hours and you can be sure that you do when you have time.

Every deluxe bus services like BUS NY TO DC provides this online booking for passenger convenient. Most people prefer to travel in bus since it is really affordable. For booking ticket all you need is an internet connection and credit cards and you can also easily book your ticket from your home. Purchase your online ticket in advance and also makes sure that you get the best seat in the bus, to grab a comfortable seat in the bus and have a great time with your family.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Top 5 Fuel Saving Tips

As fuel prices continue to rise, increasing fuel efficiency becomes more important and will save more money than ever. The most common way to save fuel is to drive the vehicle in a moderate speed. Listed below are some of the tips which helps you in saving fuel

Fuel Saving Tips
Fuel Saving Tips

1. Remove too much of Weight from your vehicle

For each 100 pounds more than 2 percent of fuel will be wasted. Hence avoid carrying overweight in vehicles in order to reduce fuel wastage.

2. Maintain Proper Tire Inflation

Proper tire inflation will not only improve fuel efficiency it also helps in preventing the wastage of fuel for up to 4 percent.

3. Using Cruise Control

Cruise control is the most convenient and surprising effect for saving fuel. Cruise control will be more effective on long, flat trips which also help in saving fuel of up to 14 percent.

4. Avoid Excessive Idling

When you happen to stand for the frequent red lights avoid letting your vehicle to wait because waiting may end up being quite a bit of idle time where the engine burns gas while sitting and waiting.

5. Proper Maintenance of the Vehicle

Engine is considered as the heart of the vehicle and the fuel system that makes the vehicle run. Scheduled maintenance helps in solving the most serious problems in your vehicle which thereby leads in saving fuel of up to 40 percent.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Prefer a wonderful Deluxe Bus Service to enjoy your unplanned trip

One of the most enjoyable methods to take full advantage of a trip is by getting down in between and it might turn out to be a trip full of adventures. When you decide to take an unplanned vacation along with your friends and family that does not involve children or elderly these unplanned trips are pleasant. When you want a happy unplanned trip that allows you to get on and get off wherever you feel like, it is advisable not to take children along with you. Children cannot adjust long tips and tiring journey and might spoil the whole vacation mood.

When you want to have an unplanned trip to NYC to DC the best thing that you could do is to note the place that you could stop by or could visit that lies between them. These iconic American Cities are separated by about 225 miles approximately. If you are all set to enjoy the scenic beauties that lie between these two cities, road ways is the only best choice here.  There are lots of NYC TO DC BUS services provides you very comfort and convenient trip. These deluxe bus services also provides more spacious bus, clean restrooms, power outlets to charge your mobile and laptop and also they will help you to reach your destination on time.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Arts - The Soul of Florida

Holding hand-in-hand through many art galleries, inspecting worlds-best museums, rushing into the theatre or soul fluttering opera…if this is the thing you are dreaming about, then definitely Sarasota, Florida will make all your dreams come true.

Sarasota being a great paradise of beach lovers is called as the cultural capital of the city Florida.It was a charming city especially born to satisfy all the cultural starvings of the people who go there, starting from the Museum of Art (Mable and john) to the Orchestra of the city, covering many film cravings, theatres and the abounding galleries...

Coming to the places to reside, i.e the restaurants, cottages, accommodations etc are much diverse and are plentiful. But in fact there is something or the other which suits every ones afford and with every ones budget and fancy. There was an inn only for the couples to go, and also the cottages with separate outdoor tubs of hot water. The Turtle Beach Resort looks amazing on the siesta key which builds path to reach a fabulous shopping area located on the sandy sea shore of Lido Beach...

Book Florida Villas in advance, for much better rates and enjoy spending time in Florida with low budget.

Travelling in Bus provides More Benefits to Business People

The majority people like to travel in bus rather than train or flights for enjoying the adventures and the various places that get to see during their journey.  Many private or public companies provide luxurious deluxe bus service for comfort and convenient. Most traveler have to travel regarding their business and for industrial trips, for them the deluxe bus offers the wi-fi connections and also power outlet so that the business people can continue their work in their travelling. 

They can search for related best online bus service and reserve their tickets in online itself like booking the ticket for BUS NY TO DC to save their money and time. The online deluxe bus service provides clean restrooms, power outlets to charge their laptops and mobiles and also it offers more space which puts business traveler to travel in comfort manner. Frequent traveler gets reward points and they will enjoy their free travel when they score 8 points. Business travelers have to reach their destinations on time for this purpose many deluxe bus help them to reach their destinations on time.  

Monday, 21 November 2011

5 tips to help your teen stay safe while driving

Sources say that around eight teens are killed every day in crashes. Make sure your young driver is aware of the leading causes of teen crashes and put rules in place to help your teen stay safe.

1. Driver inexperience

Most crashes appear on the first year a teen has a license. Before getting into highways provide them with a supervised driving practice of at least six months on variety of roads in varied weather and traffic conditions. This will help your teen gain the skills he or she needs to be safe.
Limit the number of teen passengers

2. Driving with teen passengers

Limit the number of teen passengers with your child which may protect your teen. A report says that Crash risk goes up when teens drive with other teens in the car. Keep this rule for at least first six months.

3. Nighttime driving

For all ages, fatal crashes are more likely to occur at night; but the risk is highest for teens. Make sure your teen is off the road by 9 or 10 p.m. for at least the first six months of licensed driving.

4. Improper Usage of seat belts

The simplest way to prevent car crash deaths is to buckle up. Compel your teen to wear seat belt on every trip. No matter how short the trip is. This simple step can reduce your teen’s risk of dying or being badly injured in a crash by about half.

key elements to decrease distracted driving
Picture: Distracted Driving / www.aaat.com]

5. Distracted driving

Distractions increase your teen’s risk of being in a crash. Don’t allow activities that may take your teen’s attention away from driving, such as talking on a cell phone, texting, eating, or playing with the radio. Types of distracted driving includes:
¤ Drowsy driving

¤ Reckless driving

¤ Impaired driving

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Vehicle shipping is too easy and sufficient nowadays

Vehicle shipping can be tremendously cost valuable and less worrying especially when you contrast it to soaring cross states and driving all the way to the target. Car transport is indeed profitable and more so to people operational for the services as they live all in excess of the states and are in stable must to ship vehicles to the innovative location where they may be relocated. Auto transport capacity also is referred to as car shipping.

Once can also employ the services of a restricted towing corporation if one is not in a location to assemble the car from the workstation. Mostly terminals are positioned in municipal areas so that they can serve up the county approximately near it. Most frequently these vehicle shippers can move your vehicle at a diminutive cost as the direction is previously established.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

4 most important automotive safety technologies

1972 was the deadliest year in the automotive history in U.S. with 54,589 driving-related fatalities. We cannot say only seatbelt saves life, here we highlight the most important automotive safety technologies and the way it helps to protects passengers.

1. Seat Belts

There's no question that three-point seat belts strap over the shoulder and across the lap save more lives than any other automotive safety device.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report says that 16,401 lives would be saved in 2009 if they had worn seat belts properly.

Mercedes has launched a seat belt concept which immediately tights the belt against the body during crash.

2. Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Sources from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) say that ESC helps in reducing the risk of fatal multiple-vehicle crashes by 32 percent and fatal vehicle crashes by 56 percent.

Nowadays ESC comes standard on many vehicles and with the 2012 models it has become the mandatory requirement on all passenger vehicles.

Sensors in ESC help in detecting the path of the vehicle and in preventing wheel spin.

3. Airbags

Airbags gets installed with inert gas in milliseconds which plays a vital role in protecting passengers during crashes.

Front Airbags in Cars
Front Airbags in Cars

NHTSA reports say that every year air bags are saving more than 30,000 lives. Front airbags reduce driver fatalities by 29 percent and fatalities of front-seat passengers over 12 by 32 percent.

NHTSA mandated that advanced airbags must be equipped in all vehicles from September 2012.

4. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Anti lock brakes does not play a vital role when talking about safety, but this does one step closer with what you can do with an ESC.

2009 NHTSA report says that ABS helps in reducing the crash rate whereas it does not have any effect on the risk of fatalities.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Myths about car cleaning

1. Dishwashing detergent is safe to wash your car

Dishwashing detergent is used to remove everything from the surface which includes separating the polymers off the paint surface.

washing car with laundry detergent
Washing car with laundry detergent

Dishwashing soap accelerates the oxidation process when used regularly reduces the polymer coating on the car.

2. Polishing or waxing your car will remove bonded contaminants

Products like a clay bar can easily remove bonded contaminants. Clay bars are essential before applying polish or wax to the car.

3. Polishing and waxing are the same

Polishing creates a high-glossy surface whereas waxing protects the vehicle's finish by coating it with wax polymers, resins and silicones. Thereby we can conclude that both are different.

4. Paste wax offers greater protection than liquid wax

This was true once, times have been changed which doesnot show a big difference between Paste wax and liquid wax.

5. Once a car is waxed, regularly protecting the paint finish becomes unnecessary

Contaminants and blemishes may occur in an unprotected car which may even spoil the wax coating, hence removing the contaminants with a mist-and-wipe product before they get bonded with the vehicle’s paint makes your car’s waxing glow lasts longer.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Travelling by affordable fare is a wonderful journey

Traveling is the mainly relaxed manner has its own price. Yes the expenditure of your journey might seem a little out of your finances. But it is significance every currency you spend on your voyage because of the schedule and the kind of conveniences available in these deluxe buses. But then again, these buses give you the finest services at a very affordable fare. The buses have extremely clean drudgery and well-appointed toilets and no more do you have to wait to get to a dugout to use the rest room. You have an amusement unit in every bus playing music or movies for making you forget the burden about the long duration of travelling. They also provide periodicals as other part of amusement services. They also provide snacks and drinks which are inclusive of the pack up you have chosen. You have seats that can recline up to180 degrees and thus you are bound to have the most comfy expedition of your lifetime. 

They have buses of all kinds providing to and fro services from BUS DC TO NY and vice versa. They have a highly planned and controlled group with a great order. All their buses scamper on schedule and they reach the individual destinations on point as well. They are extremely experienced and specialized in their approach that client agreement is their major priority.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Auto moving Fraud can be stopped

First, prime step is all shipping companies must record in department of transport. The job of a car hauler is very complicated because he has to stick to a numerous of rules and policies. Also, in case somewhat bad occurs, he can be detained blamed by the client. Nearby lots of auto transport trade running in every part of the countryside and most of them are in this industry for the long heave. 

Happily, fraudsters cannot go unobserved forever. Quicker or later their standing gets wrecked. So it is important for you to do some research and see how good or bad a company's past records. Enchanting advice from sovereign customers is the finest way to estimate a company's reputation in the business. Engaging a specialized car shipping industry is the easiest way to transfer a car but in order to shun pitfalls you want to take extra care. Just like any supplementary trade, this one has it’s assign of fraudsters.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Internet is provided to enjoy your journey

Washington Deluxe provides best tributing internet service. It allows all customers to use their bus journey useful and effective. Internet service is best and fast in Washington Deluxe Service. The journey from BUS DC TO NYC is enjoyed best with net service. Some Technical faults may occur sometime, any damage of virus is not accepted by bus service.

This bus service is best provider of wireless internet. Sometime due to technical assistant we are unable to provide net. Nature of provide wireless service is to build connection between individual and world even at the time of journey. This is the best ever wireless service provided in Washington. Customers get lot of benefit through this service.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

5 major things for the car to make it look new

Whether it is a high tech car or a low cost car, all have a desire that their car should look new all the times. Here we discuss some tips to make it look new always.

1. Take care of the maintenance

Major way to maintain your car is by getting it serviced properly. Servicing your car not only includes simply washing, it also includes changing oil, inspecting timing belts or water pumps etc.
Service your car frequently
Service your car frequently

Make sure to keep all your maintenance records safely which will be helpful for you while selling the car.

2. Repair the painless Dents

Go for re-spraying the paint on the car’s body panel which helps you to repair the dents. Repairing everything from small door dings to larger dent is not that easy.

3. Go for a Quality Car Cover

A quality car cover helps your car from getting damaged due to the climatic conditions, dropping from birds etc. An inexpensive, breathable cover may spoil the metal in the car.

Go for a Quality cover

Quality Car cover also protects the interior materials from harmful ultraviolet rays that cause colors to fade and helps from leather and plastic crack.

4. Keep your Car clean

Washing your vehicle regularly will help you to trap dirt deposits off the paint.

No dirt will remain on your car once you wash it regularly thus resulting in giving a shining effect to your car.

5. Seat Covers and Floor Mats

The seat material undergoes scratches all the time you get in which leads to tears or cracks.
Seat Cover and floor mats

In order to overcome such tears and scratches seat covers and floor mats must be used. Cleaned Car mats will help the interior look good as new.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Procedure to Get Free Auto Transport Quotes

Auto transport quote is mainly an estimate on how much you will spend for an exacting type of auto carrying service specified the type of your car, the destination, and the preferred date of delivery. Remember that all justifiable companies provide free auto transport quotes so that their customers will have an idea on their rates and then evaluate it with others' rates.

To gain a free auto transport quote, you can either call the business through their toll-free number or afford them the essential information so that they may be able to provide you with the most correct approximation on your outlay if you will choose their group.

Choose a trustworthy company so that you might be able to find auto transport quotes you can belief. Aside from the quote, you also have to keep in mind that the security of your car relies on how the car carrying company handles the shipping process. The company may charge depending on the weight, will be extra charged for overcoming the target weight.

Monday, 12 September 2011

6 superlative cars for senior drivers

Older drivers faces a lot of trouble while driving cars, they cannot go for a car which is too big or too small. Hence, medium-height cars with easy entrance and exit will suit them the most. Let us look the 5 best cars for older drivers.

1. Honda CR-V LX

MPG: 21 city, 28 highway

Cargo space (cubic feet): 36

Honda CR-V LX
Honda CR-V LX

Real Time 4-wheel drive increases performance during adverse road conditions and this offers high mileage and loads of cargo room.

2. Mazda5

MPG: 21 city, 28 highway

Cargo space (cubic feet): 28


Mazda5 haves a sporty look with an athletic head-turning design. The 6-passenger seating system is spread among the three rows. 4-cylinder engine in Mazda5 provides a 157 hp and V6 smoothness without compromising economy.

3. Ford Taurus

MPG: 18 city, 28 highway

Cargo space (cubic feet): 20
Ford Taurus
Ford Taurus

With its assertive posture and sculpted lines, the Taurus is a balance of beauty and strength. Ten-way power front seats along with adjustable pedals are available.

4. Mercedes Benz E350

MPG: 17 city, 24 highway

Cargo space (cubic feet): 16

Mercedes Benz E350
Mercedes Benz E350

Sleek lines and luxurious leather gives it an awesome look. Seats can be adjusted in 14 other ways and the standard Attention Assist monitors the driving signs of drowsiness and reminds you to take a break.

5. Chrysler 300C

MPG: 16 city, 25 highway

Cargo space (cubic feet): 16

Chrysler 300C
Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300C haves some great features like wide door, easy-to-use controls, heated seats, and rearview camera along with the additional feature to adjust the pedals and steering wheel at the touch of the button.

6. Lexus RX 350

MPG: 18 city, 25 highway

Cargo space (cubic feet): 40

Six-Speed Automatic Transmission with Artificial Intelligence Shift Control System for selecting the appropriate gear ratio is there in Lexus.
Lexus RX 350
Lexus RX 350

The 3.5-liter V6 engine produces 275 horsepower. Lexus includes safety options like pre-collision system, park assist and a backup monitor.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Top 5 electric cars in 2011

Here is the list of 5 electric cars that are rated the best for the year 2011. Though normal cars exist in different models the craze for electric cars remains still.

1. Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

Nissan leaf comes with new standard features like battery heater, heated outside mirrors, heated steering wheel, front and rear heated seats, navigation system, auto on/off headlamps, Bluetooth® hands-free phone, cargo covers etc.

2. Chevrolet Volt

Chevy Volt
Chevrolet Volt

The Volt does everything a great car does and according to Motor Trend, better than any other. It's further proof that today, tomorrow and on into the future, Chevy Runs Deep.

3. Ford Focus Electric

The new Focus Electric runs on electricity which does not need even a drop of gas.

Ford Focus Electric
Ford Focus Electric

It comes with a unique instrument panel that helps to closely monitor the energy consumption when you drive, to make sure you get the most miles,out of every charge.

4. Ford Transit Connect

Transit Connect is motorized by a 2.0L Duratec® 16-valve I-4 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission with 136 horsepower and 128 lb.-ft. of torque.

Ford Transit Connect
Ford Transit Connect

A compressed natural gas (CNG)/ liquid propane gas (LPG) Gaseous Engine Package is available for converting the power into CNG or LPG.

5. Mitsubishi I-MiEV

The Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle is so called as Mitsubishi i MiEV is a five door hatchback electric car manufactured by Mitsubishi motors.

Mitsubishi I-MiEV
Mitsubishi I-MiEV

It has been said that this vehicle ranges till 100 miles. The car's top speed is 130 kilometres per hour (80 mph).

Monday, 29 August 2011

Florida- A vacation to go

If you are the kind of person who enjoys being swept by the cool breeze of wind, while you are dozing off in a chaise longue on the golden sands of a beautiful beach and love to watch the blue sky dipping into the deep blue sea, then traveler you got to visit Florida. Florida is the much famed sunshine state but what makes it the great holiday destination is the fact that it can live up to the hype given by the tourists. Florida has a lot of places that travelers would love to see be it beaches, theme parks, museums and many more places that tourists would die to go for. Each beach in Florida has its own specialty, if you would like to row a boat in the peaceful seas then you got to try Dania beach or crescent beach. For the party animals you have to visit Miami Beach and south beach to experience night life at its heights.  You will be in for good diving adventures when you visit Panama City beach, experience the underwater world of scuba diving, snorkeling etc here.

Don’t spend all your vacation at the beaches alone, there are some great theme parks in Florida like the Disneyworld theme park, it consist of a number of divisions like the magic kingdom, animal kingdom, Epcot and more. Universal is another theme park which has a lot of rides and attractions. There are a number of theme parks which are down the pipeline too, so you will be pleasantly surprised with a new attraction every year. Do visit Florida and enjoy your vacation booking one of the Florida villas or Orlando villas. Book a Florida villa now.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Focusing on auto transport quotes is essential

In the occasion you need to move your car to your new residence, it is significant for you to take your time when evaluating auto transport quotes. You will discover that there are few bases why it is so serious for you to compare these auto transport quotes.

First, when you are able to balance quotes you are able to get the best worth available that fits your financial statement. Companies will contend for your industry and so do not have the same prices, this competition can be used to your benefit to help you find the lowly and most reasonable auto transport company.

It is important that you take enough time to make sure you are receiving the services you want in order to make your auto transportation a smooth and easy business. If an auto transport company does not offer the features or the services you involve then there is no reason to waste any more time talking to or investigating that company.

Finally, by getting a quotation you will be capable to get more precise price estimation than you would be able to if you attempted to try to outline it out on your personal. You want to be as honest as possible when filling out the forms in order to get the best and more perfect auto transport quote. This means you need to be sincere and give the correct speak to and vehicle information. The more honest you are the supplementary precise your quote is and this help out to prevent you from surprises later on.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Summary on auto transport quotes and its worth

Auto transport is an excellent resource of shipping cars and trucks from one exact locality to the other. During prior time, it became truly tough for most persons to shift their particular cars and trucks on the definite location to the other. However, the concrete claim for this requiring auto transport  quotes services raise, a lot more profitable enterprise accumulated to submit these services. Accordingly, with the assist of these rigid, it has become effortless and straightforward and also speedy for you to transfer your own autos on whatever residence you decide.

Certainly, we must be attentive in selecting a high quality as well as good auto transport corporation. They possibly supply you the most favorable assistance so that your vehicle will doubtlessly distributed around the district untied from any mixture of damages.

1. Do an essential research before shipping.
Make sure that you have an excellent connection with every company before receiving one of them that allows you to be accepting that this company gives the actual terrific costumer services. Never merely choose one company; you can also contact different options to study other concerns so that you can think of an elegant conclusion.

2. Inquiry about expense and charge management of the company.
Many auto shippers have a list of charge prices concerning to using their services. Consequently, you need to take a look mainly on the cost of each and every company before you build an opinion which company services pay for the most economical cost that matches your budget.

3. Confirm trained certification and permit of the corporation.
The association you select should have been properly authorized and also licensed to transport your vehicle. It simply ensures that the supplier must hold a nationwide certificate with the document to help demonstrate that they are authorized on the branch of Transportation.

When changing residence, the one question that is topmost is whether to transport the car to the new destination or is it more practical to sell it off. To choose which of the two a superior option is, one should establish what price the car will carry in the used car marketplace and how quickly one can sell the car moreover to another individual or to a trader. Keep in mind most vehicles do not seize their worth well.

Sometimes, it may turn out that organize off the existing car and exchanging a new or pre-owned car at the new intention will be more efficient. Further, one can also avoid all the hassles of arranging auto shipping. But if you’re offered car is relatively new or your car has been helping you well and you succeed in locating a cheap and reliable car shipping company, then it may be desire to retain the same car.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Five best fuel saving techniques

Car, one of the most frequent mode of transportation used by people but when considering the expense for its fuel, it seems to be expensive.

best fuel saving techniques

1. Valves

Valves control the flow of air and fuel. Opening and moving of valves affects engine efficiency. If your car has variable valve timing and lift, then the potential efficiency improvement will be around 5%.

2. Deactivate Engine cylinders

The engine cylinders need to be deactivated when they are not in use and the cylinder de-activation technology saves fuel.

By using this technology, you can get an average efficiency increase of up to 7.5%.

3. Engine size

More the engine size, more the consumption of fuel.

It is better to use smaller engines that generates extra power by using turbo charger and super charger fans.

This gives you the potential efficiency of around 7.5%.

4. Inject the fuel directly

By injecting the fuel directly, you can precisely control the fuel mist and through direct fuel injection method, you can get higher compression ratio with efficient fuel intake.

Through this method, you can get a potential fuel efficiency of 12%.

5. Automatic restarting turn of engines

Automatic restarting turn of engines is essentially needed and through integrated starter/generator, you can stop wasting fuel for idling.

Monday, 8 August 2011

10 tips for controlling distractions while driving

Distracted driving is any non-driving activity. A person who engages in that has the potential to distract himself or herself from driving and increases the risk of crashing.

Here are 10 tips for managing some of the most common distractions.

1. Turn it off :

Turn your phone off or switch to silent mode before you get in the car to avoid from distraction.

2. Spread the word :

Set up a special message to inform callers that you are driving and you’ll get back to them once you are free, or sign up for a service that offers this feature.

3. Pull over :

If you need to make a call, pull your car to a safer area first.

4. Use your passengers :

Get help from the passengers for making an immediate call.

5. Avoid Texting while driving :

Texting while driving is the most common distraction among all; It is highly dangerous and against the law in most states.

6. Know the law :

Get to know the proper state and local laws before you get in the car. Visit www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/laws/cellphone_laws.html to know about the cellphone laws in detail.

7. Look for Maps and Directions :

Check for maps and directions before you start off to an unknown place. If you get into a confusion while driving means pull over to a safe place and review the map/directions again.

8. Secure your pets :

Pets can be a big distraction in the car. Always secure your pets properly before you start to drive.

9. Keep the kids safe :

Use proper seat belts for kids and if they do some mischievous means pull over to a safe location to address situations with your children in the car.

10. Focus on the task at hand :

While driving you must avoid smoking, eating, drinking, reading and any other activity that takes your mind and eyes off the road.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Seven tips to take care of your car

Many people take good care of their car. Washing the car is a marginal way to keep the vehicle clean, it is also necessary to protect the paint and to check parts and fluids.

take care of your car

1. Joints :

All moving parts, car-fuel lines, brake lines and wheel bearings should be inspected, repacked and lubricated every few months.

Areas to be particularly concerned with are driveshaft U joints and in front-wheel-drive cars, half shafts and CV-joints.

2. Belts & Hoses :

Frequently check the engine’s accessory belts, upper and lower radiator.

Look for any visible damage, abnormal wear or small hairline cracks and replace if found.

Inspect all hoses for wear and try to change heater hoses every 50,000 miles.

3. Brakes :

One of the most important parts of the car is its brakes.

Check the master cylinder, brake shoes and caliper pads periodically.

If you see any signs of brake fluid, tighten the fittings using a line wrench on brake-line nuts to prevent against rounding off their shoulders.

For vehicles with disk brakes, replace the pads with whatever style the manufacturer recommends.

4. Wipers and Polish :

Read the label before buying the wax or other surface treatment to assure paint compatibility.

Wash your windshield with a proper product and wipe it with a paper towel.

If there are scratches on the surface, use glass polishing products to make the windshield look better.

Windshield wiper blades should be replaced once a year to maintain a perfect seal against the glass.

Windshield washer reservoir should also be checked and filled with a cleaning product, not just water.

Check for lights

5. Lights :

Turn on your emergency flasher and see if all four lights flash.

Then individually try the right and left turn signal to make sure they are working front and rear.

It is very dangerous to drive a car with faulty brake lights.

6. Tire care :

Get into the habit of visually inspecting sidewall bulges and air pressure checking at every gas stop because a tire pressure gauge is cheaper than a new set of tires.

Proper inflation pressure makes tires last longer and it also improves the vehicle’s fuel economy.

Inexpensive tires can last for 30,000 miles while expensive brands often go over 50,000.

Periodically inspect the sidewalls for cracking or splitting.

7. Wheels :

New vehicles are always factory-equipped with alloy wheels which get caked with disc-brake dust and road grime.

It’s important to select a cleaner that’s designed for your wheel type.

For example, clear-coated wheels should be cleaned with a different cleaner than natural-finish alloy or steel wheels.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Auto Shipping plays important role in relocation of residence

In the center of the current decline, many clients are searching for ways to save cash. This is of key magnitude during relocation specially when so various people are moving to cities with extra talented employment and business increase rates to reclaim economic wellness. The conception of hiring specialized Car Shipping brokers may seem a bit overwhelming at first glimpse, however, a fact that these services may essentially provide cost savings in several casing.

Earlier than estimate car shipping companies, it is significant to start with a introduction moving resources. If thinking about transportation a vehicle by manually, you may be dazed to learn that engaging a car shipping broker may essentially save you currency. To generate your auto transfer budget, begin by manipulative all the expenses associated with the auto relocation. Once you chosen resource in any Auto Transport. Only experienced company provides a systematically screened and qualified network of car shipping dealer and offers an undemanding to use, online quote service. Simply complete the succinct feedback form and receive results immediately on your computer.

Does your car demolish your economy?

Used autos will not explain all your auto costs as you still have to concentrate supplementary costs such as gas, toll, parking, assurance and safeguarding fees. To guard the massiveness of your savings starting consumed by your car operating cost, persist to be practical. Use the facilities that Indianapolis capital affords. To accumulate finance on gas, depart your vehicle in the garage during sunny days. Walk or utilize your bicycle to go to occupation. Not merely will this bank your currency, it will also spare you from the sunrise interchange, and it will do advantageous to your healthiness. 

To save money on toll fees, categorize a carpool with at slightest five members. Take turns with your cars departure to work. Having a carpool will construct you convey out money for charge only once a week. Also, a carpool will hoard your chatter. You can now go on a long highway trip during the weekend. Aside from saving money on toll and fuel fees, carpools also save the environment of Indianapolis city. To save currency on parking, if you preserve evade it; do not park during production hours. Also, if any of your used cars Indianapolis Indiana acquire a parking receipt, make sure that you pay the fine in seven days. If you extend, the more you will pay. Remain in intellect that the city's police subdivision accepts online expenditure. You consequently have no defense if you miss the target.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

5 tips to make your car safer in Foul weather

Research says that the bad weather causes for up to 30 percent of crashes every year. Rather than getting on the road and worrying; prepare yourself for safer driving in foul weather.

Driving in Foul weather

1. Go for Snow Chains

If you have planned to opt for snow chains or tires you will have to switch back to regular tires when the weather changes.

Some states will not allow the usage of snow chains as it spoils the road surface.

If your car has front-wheel drive, chains for front tire alone are enough.

Snow chains will not be good on dry surfaces and driving with them reduces your car’s fuel efficiency.

Snow chains will not be good on dry surfaces and driving. Slower driving i.e.30mph is preferable while using snow chains.

2. Check Your Tires

Perform the “penny test” to check the condition of the tires.

3. Buy Salt, Sand or Kitty Litter

Sand and kitty litter provide traction for your car’s tires rather than melting anything.

When your tires can’t find traction on the roads, you can get yourself going again if you have a supply of salt, sand or kitty litter with you.

If you find yourself stuck, pour a thin layer of either material directly in the path of your tires (after using a shovel to clear away any loose snow), then slowly apply the gas.

4. Stock an Emergency Car Kit

A first aid kit (bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, tape) and a reflective triangle are the two efficient parts of a good emergency car kit for foul weather.

Check for the flashlights frequently; also try to carry an instant cell phone battery recharger.

Reflective triangles, road flares, distress sign alert other drivers of your dilemma.

In addition to this your tool kit should include tire jack and tire sealant, jumper cables, ice scraper and small shovel to clear away snow and ice, blanket or sleeping bag, warm winter clothing and high-energy foods.

5. Do Basic Maintenance

Your basic maintenance should start with checking fluid levels.

If the windshield wipers are not clearing the water properly means replace it immediately.

Frequently check for the normal operation of the car’s defogger/defroster, heater, exhaust system, lights and brakes.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

5 tips to buy used cars

There are many essential things to be considered while buying a used car. Some of the tips to buy a used car are as follows.

1. Know some essential information about used cars :

Before buying a used car, get to know some laws such as Connecticut law, Lemon Law, get some necessary information about used cars from used car Buying Guides that are available at related websites and book stores.

This information will be useful for bargaining with the car owner or the car dealer.

2. Choose a worthy used car :

Check for the used car sale offers in related websites. Search for a used car based on model, make, location, price, year of manufacture, mileage information, your budget etc.

Avoid choosing a used car having more negative points. Do not choose a car just by considering the external features and attractiveness of the car.

Choose a used car that you want to buy based on your budget and interest.

Evaluate the exact value of the used car model you selected using any car-pricing sites in order to find whether the car you selected is worth to buy.

3. Apply for a loan to buy a used car :

Try to get a loan for buying a car or at least get approval for a car loan.

Choose a car loan based on the interest rate, your budget, and the amount you can afford as monthly installments.

Confirm whether the chosen car is secure for a car loan and comprehensive insurance.

4. Know the condition of used car :

Try to know about the condition of the car from the car dealer or the owner offering the sale.

Also enquire about the condition of all the major components or systems of the car. Know about the registration, repair and accident details of the car.

When you buy the used car from a private car owner, you may get the full details of how the car has been treated and maintained, than the car information you get from the car dealer or auction dealer.

Hence, you can get the help of an experienced and trusted mechanic to thoroughly inspect the car and estimate the repair cost.

It is always better to make a test drive.

5. Get all the records and warranties of the used car in written statement :

Ask the car dealer or owner to give you the registration and maintenance records of the car.

If the car dealer or owner promises to do certain repairs regarding the car, get these promises as written statement.

All warranties with respect to the used car should be got in writing statement.

This is very essential because the dealer will be responsible for all essential repairs during the warranty period.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5 major things the car dealers hide to the buyer

Before you think about buying a car learn much about the whole structure of the deal because Auto dealers are masters at figuring out how to squeeze more profit by taking advantage of the customer’s ignorance.

Things that car dealer hides to the buyer

1. Factory to Dealer Incentives :

The car dealers won’t tell you about the factory to dealer incentives that they have very often. Essentially these incentives guarantee a dealer profit even if you buy the car at invoice.

Dealers will tell you only about the "factory to consumer" reimbursement that the dealer is obliged to pass on to you.

If you know that a dealer has a $1,000 incentive, you can press them to lower the price by an equivalent amount since his profit will stay the same.

Hence, before you set foot in a dealership, do a little research on the Internet to find out about all the available "factory to dealer" and "factory to consumer" incentives.

2. The Finance Guy is a real Sales Guy :

The dealer has two opportunities to make a profit on every car he sells.
  1. On the price he negotiates with the customer.
  2. On by extending warranties, rust proofing, expensive financing, etc.
If you fail to make a quick work of finalizing the paperwork you are ought to lose a ton; be aware that everything is negotiable.

3. Go with the Fleet Department for a Better Price :

Check out with the fleet department for a better price when compared with the price given by the salesperson.

The fleet department focuses only on volume whereas the main dealership looks for maximizing the profit on every deal.

Remember that the car dealer is paid based on the profitability of his sale hence he may keep you away from getting to your target price.

4. Base Car stock is never available :

Once you approach the dealer regarding the base car on the Internet, you will be disappointed that the cars they have on the lot are thousands of dollars higher.

The adverts you see in the paper are merely marketing tricks they follow to bring in the traffic.

Most often, these cars are manual shift but if you wish to drive a standard shift, you'll save thousands of dollars. Insist on seeing them.

If they are sold out means ask the dealer to give you a call when they are back.

According to the law the dealers must post the VIN numbers in the ads, use this advertisement page with the VIN number while opting for the car.

5. MSRP is merely Fantasy :

Pricing MSRP is merely waste nowadays. True invoice price minus reimbursement the dealer gets is the thing that mainly matters.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Reason for the Expansion of Auto Transport Companies

 Automobile transportation and shipping was basically a profitable activity carried out by trader, manufacturer and dealer until the previous ten to fifteen years. The extensive utilization of internet has made it likely for this position service to lift up and arrive at the universal consumer market.

Previous to the beginning of internet people had no alternative other than purchasing cars from limited dealers due to the complexity in shipping the car from its point of origin to the buyer place of house. The cargo businesses still existed but this process of vehicle transportation was money taking. For the reason that of the price, the car shipping was restricted to those who had the money to buy both the car and the transport.

The auto transport industry has grown-up extremely in view of the fact that the survival of the Internet. It made easier for People to buy cars from anyplace in the world and making them transport to their house.

That was the fundamental thing on how the car shipping companies gradually expanded its significance among the people. Different shipping companies have established that their trading activities all around the globe and today more or less whatever thing and everything is being imported or exported.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

5 Tips to Keep Your Tires Healthy

Too many drivers fail to do one simple task every month through which travel risks can be reduced and also help our nation conserves valuable natural resources.
tire tread depth
There is a lot to learn about tire safety. In a Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) survey it has been proved that 85% of the motorists do not even know how to properly inflate their tires.
Follow our tire-safety checklist to make sure AAA doesn't have to come to your rescue.

1. Check Tire Pressure :

Check the pressure on all tires, including the spare at least once in two weeks. Inflate the tires to the recommended tire pressure and not to the maximum pressure.

An underinflated tire doesn’t roll as easily and the increased rolling resistance requires more energy by robbing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency when compared with the inflated tire.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy “Optimal inflation can improve fuel economy by 3.3 percent

2. Rotate your tires:  

This should be done for every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. On front-wheel-drive cars, the front wheels wear almost twice the rate of the rear wheels whereas in left-hand-drive countries, the left tire may wear faster than the right; hence keep an eye out for that.

Regularly rotating tires helps you to achieve more uniform wear through a constant performance and a longer tire life.  By using a hydraulic floor jack you can do this by yourself.

3. Examine your treads: 

The new information from tirerack.com shows that in the test they conducted, tires with
  1. 10/32 inch depth took 195.2 feet to stop to rain
  2. 4/32 inch depth took 290 feet to stop to rain
  3. 2/32 inch depth took 378.8 feet to stop to rain
To make sure your tread depth, place a coin into one of the tire-tread grooves; if any part of the coin is obscured, your tire haves that amount of tread depth.

4. Align your wheels:

RMA says that improperly aligned and misaligned wheels can create rapid, steering and tracking problems.
Make sure that the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and are parallel to each other.

5. Keep the deepest treads in the rear:

Since the front tires do the braking and steering, don’t take any risk on the front wheels.
Deeper treads grip the road by making the car less likely to hydroplane and fishtail.