Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Reason for the Expansion of Auto Transport Companies

 Automobile transportation and shipping was basically a profitable activity carried out by trader, manufacturer and dealer until the previous ten to fifteen years. The extensive utilization of internet has made it likely for this position service to lift up and arrive at the universal consumer market.

Previous to the beginning of internet people had no alternative other than purchasing cars from limited dealers due to the complexity in shipping the car from its point of origin to the buyer place of house. The cargo businesses still existed but this process of vehicle transportation was money taking. For the reason that of the price, the car shipping was restricted to those who had the money to buy both the car and the transport.

The auto transport industry has grown-up extremely in view of the fact that the survival of the Internet. It made easier for People to buy cars from anyplace in the world and making them transport to their house.

That was the fundamental thing on how the car shipping companies gradually expanded its significance among the people. Different shipping companies have established that their trading activities all around the globe and today more or less whatever thing and everything is being imported or exported.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

5 Tips to Keep Your Tires Healthy

Too many drivers fail to do one simple task every month through which travel risks can be reduced and also help our nation conserves valuable natural resources.
tire tread depth
There is a lot to learn about tire safety. In a Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) survey it has been proved that 85% of the motorists do not even know how to properly inflate their tires.
Follow our tire-safety checklist to make sure AAA doesn't have to come to your rescue.

1. Check Tire Pressure :

Check the pressure on all tires, including the spare at least once in two weeks. Inflate the tires to the recommended tire pressure and not to the maximum pressure.

An underinflated tire doesn’t roll as easily and the increased rolling resistance requires more energy by robbing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency when compared with the inflated tire.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy “Optimal inflation can improve fuel economy by 3.3 percent

2. Rotate your tires:  

This should be done for every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. On front-wheel-drive cars, the front wheels wear almost twice the rate of the rear wheels whereas in left-hand-drive countries, the left tire may wear faster than the right; hence keep an eye out for that.

Regularly rotating tires helps you to achieve more uniform wear through a constant performance and a longer tire life.  By using a hydraulic floor jack you can do this by yourself.

3. Examine your treads: 

The new information from shows that in the test they conducted, tires with
  1. 10/32 inch depth took 195.2 feet to stop to rain
  2. 4/32 inch depth took 290 feet to stop to rain
  3. 2/32 inch depth took 378.8 feet to stop to rain
To make sure your tread depth, place a coin into one of the tire-tread grooves; if any part of the coin is obscured, your tire haves that amount of tread depth.

4. Align your wheels:

RMA says that improperly aligned and misaligned wheels can create rapid, steering and tracking problems.
Make sure that the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and are parallel to each other.

5. Keep the deepest treads in the rear:

Since the front tires do the braking and steering, don’t take any risk on the front wheels.
Deeper treads grip the road by making the car less likely to hydroplane and fishtail.

Monday, 6 June 2011

BMW widens its lead in US luxury car sales this year

Southfield: The BMW brand topped Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz and other luxury automakers in the US last month, widening its lead for 2011 as the European automakers boosted discounts.

BMW's US deliveries, helped by sales of sport-utility vehicles and the new 5-Series sedan, rose 16 per cent from a year earlier to 20,651, the Munich-based automaker said in a statement. Deliveries for the first five months of the year rose 13 per cent to 92,068 vehicles, to lead Mercedes' 90,274 sales and the 77,237 deliveries by Toyota Motor Corp.'s Lexus.

"BMW and Mercedes-Benz clearly will be on a photo finish for the rest of the year," Jesse Toprak, vice-president of industry trends at in California, said in a tele-phone interview. "Lexus, for the first time in many years, is clearly out of the running for the top spot."

Mercedes' discounts rose by 27 per cent per vehicle in May and BMW increased its incentives by 6.7 per cent, while discounts on Lexus models fell 51 per cent, according to Truecar.